• July2009

    Tim Scott is feeling ‘warm?on the inside!


    Tim Scott is feeling ‘warm?on the inside!

    Renowned session musician Tim Scott owes his admired sound largely to his TL Audio set up at his own facility ‘Acer Studios?
    The proud owner of the C-1, PA-1 and EQ-2 in the classic range as well as some Ivory outboard, TL Audio has become an essential part of Tim’s sound.

    Tim released his first solo album 'Bald On The Inside' with his own label 'Acer Records' in July 2003. He managed to gain attention from the national press with publications like the 'Guitarist' review describing it as '...impressive world-class stuff...' and all the UK guitar magazine reviews drawing comparisons to legendary guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather and Steve Vai, but with 'Guitar Techniques' going on to note that 'he has incorporated [these influences] into a style of his own.'

    In July 2004 the track '4am And I Can't Sleep' featured as the artist's track on the cover CD of 'Guitarist' magazine with them describing 'Bald On The Inside' as, '[Tim's] cracking new album.'

    This exposure led Tim to be introduced to legendary Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules. They ended up collaborating on a track together for Jules new album.

    ‘At that time I'd been experimenting with various new ways of recording my
    own material for my second album and was considering getting a vale preamp
    and or compressor for my own studio to improve the sound I was getting?comments Tim. It was during this session with Jules that he first came across the TL Audio sound.

    ‘I plugged my nylon string acoustic guitar via a D.I. box into the mic input of a TL Audio Ivory series valve preamp/compressor which sounded really fantastic, very crisp and driving but still retaining a warm rounded low mid.?br />
    The TL Audio sound left such an impression on Tim, that soon after the session he purchased a C-1, PA-1 and EQ-2 from the classic range for his own studio to give him a complete valve front end for his hard disk recording system. He has even had the set up mounted into flight cases so that he can take it out on a session. With this TL Audio set up, Tim states he achieves ‘results that are outstanding?br />
    Currently, Tim is at work on his 2nd Album due for release early next year

    ‘I can't wait to complete my next album as thanks to the smooth TL Audio valve front end my sounds have crystal clear highs, highly detailed mids, and full bodied warm lows. I've been using it on everything from guitars, to live cymbals/hi-hats, bass, keys, drum samples, and various pieces of live percussion.?br />
    Look out for Tim and Judge Jules?track ‘Puesta Del Sol?a spicy Flamenco ?Techno cross that is due out in mid September.

    Tim’s first album is available for purchase from his website www.timscott.co.uk

    Tim Scott is feeling ‘warm?on the inside!