• January2009

    The Ruler of the YOUniverse!

    So, last year we ran the starring YOUniverse competition, where anyone was able to enter and win 1,000 of FREE TL Audio equipment...

    Thank you to everyone who entered the competition by making a video about a piece of TL Audio gear and posting it online. We really enjoyed seeing your equipment in action.

    The winner was the person with the most hits after 3 months.

    That person turned out to be James Parades with a video he shot of the TL Audio Fat Track.

    James, also known as Specialist Sound or SHM is signed to Universal Music and works alongside co-engineer DJ Breeze. James' work is mainly in the production and engineering capacity mainly within the trance, drum and bass and UK Hip Hop genres.

    For his prize, James chose the TL Audio Classic VP-1


    He comments on the prize "The VP1 has made it extremely easy to get "That pro vocal sound". I struggled for years with software but am finding that with decent outboard, it adds a new dimension to what happens within the computer."

    To say thanks, James shot us this video to show off his new kit!

    Thanks to James and good luck with your new kit!

    Look out for more competitions from TL Audio in 2011.
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    The Ruler of the YOUniverse!