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2-Channel Pentode Tube Preamp

The PA-1 Pentode Preamp is TL Audio's top of the range preamp - producing a stunning sound from any source - and offers a significant improvement over the vast majority of console preamps in any price range. The new PA-1 offers several improvements over its best selling forerunner, including a raven blue 6mm CNC milled aluminium front panel, General Electric US military specification ECC83/12AX7A valves, gold plated ceramic valve bases and circular back-lit VU meters which monitor output level. Internal circuitry has been refined too, to offer smoother frequency response around the valve stages and provide extra output gain - thus enabling easier interfacing with digital recorders.

All microphones - from an inexpensive dynamic to a top quality condenser - produce a fuller, more open and more vibrant sound when fed through the PA-1, and instruments fed through the dedicated front panel DI input take on an added weight and presence. Separate input and output level controls give the ability to drive the valve stages harder for increased warmth while being able to simultaneously control the overall output level. Switchable high and low pass filters, LED level indicators and a phase reverse facility are refinements that make the PA-1 a natural choice for any track laying or direct-to-tape recording situation.

The PA-1 differs from our standard hybrid preamp design - it features a transformer coupled mic input followed by a low noise, high gain EF86 pentode valve. Two further triode valve stages (supplied by 250v DC) are incorporated in each channel. The instrument input bypasses the transformer, and feeds straight into the pentode valve. TL Audio's usual high drive solid state output stage completes the signal chain.

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  • 2 channels of high quality valve pre-amplification
  • Balanced transformer coupled microphone inputs
  • Front panel unbalanced jack instrument inputs
  • Balanced line outputs, switchable for +4dB or +18dB operation
  • Line outputs duplicated on unbalanced jack connections
  • 48v phantom power
  • Switchable input gain control (20 to 50dB in 10dB steps) with continuously variable +/- 12dB trim
  • Switchable high and low pass filters (12dB / octave). Applies to all inputs
  • HPF has cut off frequencies of 50Hz, 100Hz or 150Hz
  • LPF has cut off frequencies of 5kHz, 10kHz or 15kHz
  • Rotary faders for controlling output level
  • Phase reverse switch on Channel B
  • Drive and Peak LEDs indicate internal signal levels
  • Circular back-lit VU meters monitor output level
  • Frequency response 30Hz to 40kHz +0 / -2dB
    Mic Input: Impedance: > 1.5k. Switchable input gain 20-50dB in 10dB steps, with + / - 12dB variable trim control. Input noise (EIN): -122dBu (22Hz to 22kHz). Distortion at 20dB of gain and 0dBu output: 0.05%. Max input level: +6dBu. Balanced XLR connector. Instrument Input: Impedance 50k. Nominal sensitivity for 0dBu output: -35dBu. Unbalanced jack connector. Output: Balanced output impedance: < 10. Max level: +22dBu into 600. XLR connector. Unbalanced output impedance: 47. Max level: +20dBu into 10k. Jack connector. Frequency response: 30Hz to 40kHz +0 / -2dB. Power supply: 110-120v or 220-240v AC. Power consumption: 35VA typical. Dimensions: 483 x 205 x 88mm (19" 2U) Weight: 6 kg. Shipping Weight: 7 kg.
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