• Sean Vincent - Kim Wilde

    Long standing TL Audio user and Live sound engineer Sean Vincent contacted us recently to tell us all about his latest adventures ?this time as FOH engineer for a European tour backed by EMI for 80s pop icon Kim Wilde.

    The TL Audio 5051 Mk2 was used throughout the tour on her vocal, providing warmth for Kim in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Braunshweig and Kosice in Slovakia.

    Sean comments We sold out pretty much every venue every night and we had lots of compliments on the sound. Some of the venues were able to supply an extra 5051 and at those gigs i used the extra one to process the bass.?br />
    So whether it was pristine vocals or defined rounded bass, the 6 tube stages and quality audio path in the 5051 channel strip delivered the goods.

    Sean Vincent - Kim Wilde

  • The 5051 has been a pleasure to work with. It blows away the mic amps on even the most expensive Midas desks and the compressor and EQ make it so much easier to get a natural sound for Kim's voice