• Kipper - Sting

    Sting’s musical collaborator, keyboard player and co-producer - known to all as Kipper - has recently invested in a TL Audio VTC Tube Console to help with the writing and recording of Sting’s next studio album.

    Kipper, whose working relationship with Sting began in 1998 while recording music for the Sharon Stone film The Mighty, went on to play on and co-produce the best selling Brand New Day album, and then spent two years touring as part of Sting’s live band. Since then Kipper has been involved in the recording of the All This Time concert album (which was performed live in the grounds of Sting’s Tuscan home), has co-written and produced trumpeter Chris Botti’s Night Sessions solo album (which currently resides at number 3 in the US Contemporary Jazz album charts), and has also been busy writing and recording with Richard Marx and Wynonna Judd.

    The 16 channel VTC has been incorporated into Kipper’s writing set up at Sting’s Wiltshire home, and acts as a central mix point for Kipper’s numerous hardware and software synths prior to recording them onto hard disc. The initial writing sessions finish this month, at which point the whole set-up will be transferred to Tuscany and recording will begin in earnest.

    Kipper - Sting

  • "I just fell in love with it - I’ve never achieved a sound as warm and luscious as I’m currently getting, and having this vibe at the early stages of writing and recording is really spurring me on. The VTC is an absolutely inspiring desk to work with!"