• Placebo - Stefan Olsdal

    This hugely successful band have amounted over 10 million album sales since their formation in 1994. They have released 6 studio albums and have had an amazing 27 singles.

    They recently purchased a TL Audio M1 FW 12 channel Tubetracker Console for their own studio set up used for writing and tracking.

    Using the desk connected straight up to a Mac running Logic 9, they will track their ideas through the desk as they begin work on the new album.

    Running the M1 FW 12 channel desk, with the TL Audio DO-F firewire card means that they can enjoy great, inspiring sound and easy workflow, with one cable to access all 12 x 14 channels.

    For more on the band go to Placebo Website

    Or purchase their music at

  • The TLAudio tube tracker M1 is bringing some much needed warmth into my world of digital recording