• Maor Appelbaum -Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer

    Maor Comments:
    "It gives the tracks a kind of glue that makes them sound full ,fat and round. The compression is soft and musical yet still delivers that "in your face" sound.

    There is no "Right" way to work with it- its an instant helper .

    The instrument input /DI is another bonus with a different gain structure; making it a versitle tool for various line instruments such as bass guitars, guitars, synths, drum machines and other keyboards

    Built to last for years and keeps the hot tubes vented . Great low end and silky highs.
    As a compressor -IT ROCKS, as a pre-amp -IT ROLLS !!!!!!"

    Maor Appelbaum -Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer

  • The smoothness and warmth that the C-1 tube pre-amp /compressor provides to each track or mix is awesome! The big, creamy and punchy sound, places the instruments right in the mix.